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Su Vida Author Komoreby



I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.
Dr. Seuss

I'm an artist, animator and author from the central hills of Sri Lanka. I have a bachelor's in multimedia, and I worked in animation/advertising for some years, along with volunteer work related to environmentalism and sustainability.


After the pandemic, I've been working freelance while developing my IPs, which include multimedia franchises with my own storytelling, art and animation—as well as an art brand with an online store.


Komoreby is my debut novel, which has been shortlisted for the Watty Awards 2022. In October 2022, I joined the ranks of Wattpad Creators, an invite-only program for content creators with high engagement, so my novels are available free on this platform and could be read/listened to on mobile.

When I'm not writing, drawing or animating, I'm usually geeking out over anime, video games or funky science. Su Vida is my pen name, since my full name is quite a mouthful.


Art & Animation

I graduated from Multimedia University in Malaysia with a Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) Animation & Visual Effects. I worked as a 2D & 3D art intern at Frogtale Studio in Sunway City in 2016, where I created storyboards and 3D props for Sam McHamm & the Kingdom of Foodoo. My convocation was held in 2017.


After returning to Sri Lanka, I worked as a Digital Art Director at Wunderman Thompson in Colombo and later, as a Creative Director (remote) for an Australian nonprofit on sustainability called The Food You Choose. I have also volunteered extensively for many nonprofits, especially in environmentalism, animal welfare and plant-based food advocacy.

Showcased below is a collection of my art, design and animation work. Check out more on my Behance portfolio.

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My imagination is powered by rock/epic music, dark chocolate and amazing science. As a lifelong otaku, I have devoured a massive range of stories and creative content. Some of my biggest influences are: Disney, Dreamworks, Studio Ghibli, Steve Cutts, shonen/shojo anime such as Naruto, Bleach & One Piece, Don't Starve, Ori, Hollow Knight, Oxygen Not Included, Daedalic Games, Gris, Alice Madness Returns, Tim Burton.

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Original art brand

goth · chibi · kawaii

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I mostly write YA sci-fi with sporadic forays into fantasy and horror. My stories come with whimsical heroines, huge worlds, Asian-ness, adventure, real science, anime/gaming/fairytale elements and ace rep/platonic romance. I believe in fun with substance, so I build my worlds with extensive research and tackle themes such as individuality, society and conscious living.

From January 2021, I posted my first novel, Komoreby, on Wattpad, and I'm delighted that it has been shortlisted for the Watty Awards 2022, as well as being featured on 21 official profiles such as ScienceFiction, Anime and Multicultural.

I was invited to join Wattpad Creators in October 2022, and I'm currently writing my third novel, Black Avatare, under this program. My stories are available free to read/listen to on Wattpad, both on web and mobile.

fun  ·  smart  ·  anime-esque  ·  quirky


Follow heroines who tend to be nerdy, whimsical and rebellious. They often come with plant-based predilections and make heart-warming bonds. Ships, when they occur, are platonic by choice or ace (not talking about boats). I prefer third person in gaming, since I want to take a step back from the character—same goes for my writing, but with inner monologues.

Komoreby Evanna Zeller

Plot & Pacing

Plots are medium-paced in order to develop my themes and characters. I build intricate plots and strive for artistic unity. Embedded in carefully-crafted plots and funky, immersive worlds are pop culture references, mythology, symbolism and Easter eggs—which the nerdy readers are likely to unearth.

Su Vida Komoreby Evanna

Sci-Fi & World-Building

I love delving into the mind-boggling possibilities of quantum physics, space exploration and technology. Hence, my sci-fi and world-building are imaginative, but based on real science and plausible futurism. As a big science nerd, I do extensive research and draw inspiration from diverse sources.

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Art & Design

Due to my art background, my speculative settings and characters come with a touch of art direction. Expect rich imagery in scenes, outfits and the story world. I produce concept art whenever I can. The cover art and graphics are all original artwork produced by me.

Su Vida pastel goth mermaid


A YA sci-fi novel set in a glamorous, Asian eco-city.

Fun. Quirky. Romantic.

Hard sci-fi meets shoujo manga!


Follow the tale of Evanna, a petite gamer girl, when she moves to a glamorous eco-city called Komoreby. Reunited with her childhood bestie at the prestigious Komoreby High, it's the adventure of her life!


When the very first day spirals to rock bottom, she thinks life can't get any worse—until a school tour of the city's gargantuan particle collider takes a bizarre turn. She awakens in a parallel universe with draconian rules and warped versions of everyone. To find her way home, she must delve into a rabbit hole of quantum physics and navigate a complex social web of friends, foes and a mysterious rocker guy she's relentlessly drawn to.

Shortlisted for the Watty Awards 2022

Featured on 21 official Wattpad profiles

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An Asian sci-fi retelling of The Little Mermaid!

Fun. Feels. Romance.

An oceanpunk adventure in the Indian Ocean.

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My stories are available free to read exclusively on Wattpad.

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