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A YA sci-fi novel set in a glamorous, Asian eco-city.  Fun. Quirky. Romantic.

Hard sci-fi meets shoujo manga!


Evanna, a petite gamer girl, moves to a glamorous eco-city called Komoreby. Reunited with her childhood bestie at the prestigious Komoreby High, it's the adventure of her life!


When the very first day spirals to rock bottom, she thinks life can't get any worse—until a school tour of the city's gargantuan particle collider takes a bizarre turn. Now she's zipped to a warped new reality with draconian rules that control her every move. To find her way home, she must delve into a rabbit hole of quantum physics and navigate a social web with a mysterious rocker guy she's relentlessly drawn to.  Praise for Komoreby

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An Asian sci-fi retelling of The Little Mermaid!


The city of Calliathron is the epitome of modern sea life--a hubbub of color and activity contained within a glorious coral atoll in the Indian Ocean. Yet, the ripples of the changing world beyond seep in with increasing force, bleaching color and darkening minds—but not Dea Rhodoreef's mind.


That day, all Dea could think about was walking her sea cow to the seagrass meadows. It's not easy being a high school mermaid scraping by in a modest mobile home with her grumpy grandmother, who's always complaining about the "human infestation". As if school and a part-time job aren't enough, she has to return a sea cow to the wild. Not like she'd run into a notorious human. Right?

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Vomon Paradox

A gothpunk, sci-fi horror short story set in a gigantic space habitat.

The city of Nodrog resides in an O'Neill cylinder around a red dwarf star. Mired in vice, this gritty place is inhabited by the vomons—what humans call zombies. In the tallest tower at the heart of Nodrog, Madame Blair awaits the return of her cargo ship, Black Bull. To her daughter, Manda, it's just another day in the city—or that's what she lets on.

Follow Frizz, a young human, as she breaks out of her prison. She embarks on a daring escape plan to board a spaceship and journey to the wilds of Earth.


This isn't the zombie apocalypse. Vomons are the "people"—they are the status quo.

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Cornucopia of Otherworldly Tales

A short story collection of the sci-fi, fantasy and quirky kind.


Take a quick spin from the clouds of Olympus to the frozen wastes of Europa.


The first story is The Goddess of Door Hinges, the winner of "Legends in Love" contest hosted by Short Story, Myth and YA Romance profiles on Wattpad.

Next up is The Kraken of Europa, a hard sci-fi piratepunk/oceanpunk adventure set in Jupiter's icy moon!

Other stories include The Day I Stopped the Apocalypse and The Music of the Cosmos.

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The Making of

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I'm absolutely thrilled to share this story with the world! It's been brewing in my mind for a long time before I painstakingly jotted it down. It draws inspiration from many sources, including a story my cousin and I dabbled with back in 2010.

Wondering why the title is Komoreby? At first glance, it's just the name of the city. It comes from the Japanese word komorebi, meaning sunlight falling through trees. This has layers of meaning in the story, but I'll let you decide that as you read. Check out the comprehensive glossary with science words, story locations and more!

Obsidian Komoreby Shane Evans Rock Band


Komoreby High's rock band

There is a cute ship that may bring to mind shoujo anime and K-dramas. Brace yourself for mushiness! The bad boys are of the non-toxic variety (like Oga, Aomine, Sydney Carton and Sirius Black). Did I mention the fairytale elements? Yep, Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella.


Komoreby has a diverse cast of characters, coming from many ethnic backgrounds, especially of Asian origin. Due to this diversity, the story contains traditional cuisine and unique locations (such as a forest monastery). The protagonist herself, Evanna Zeller, is a whimsical blend of "different" and gives an authentic voice to those who are not often represented in mainstream media.

Evanna Zeller is...

kawaii  ·  aspiring astrophysicist  ·  gamer  ·  vegan  ·  darkly inclined   ·  hetero ace

It might interest you to know that Komoreby High in the alternate universe is modeled off of actual schools, including its more draconian rules. The daily inspections, prefects raiding classrooms, the ban on romance and shadow education are real. Komoreby is a multicultural Asian eco-city!

I've always been a science geek, so I've done extensive research for the sci-fi and world-building in this book. The sources are diverse—such as free Harvard courses on Edx, World Science Festival, Isaac Arthur's channel, science magazines and more. The story's high energy physics lab is based on CERN, while the particle collider is a bigger version of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). There's been wild speculation that the LHC can produce wormholes through which people can travel. This is currently restricted only to one's imagination.

Shane Evans & Evanna Zeller in Komoreby


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Despite the growing interest in plant-based food, veg characters are so rare that Wikipedia only has one little list for them in books, movies, video games and TV! And Evanna Zeller is on it!

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