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Check out the pricing below and fill out an order form. No payments at this stage. I'll review your project and get back to you. If you have a project that doesn't fit into these categories, there's a custom order form at the bottom to get a quote. All prices are in USD.

Please make sure you read the FAQ section. It contains information on payments and content I'm comfortable working with.

Not the services you're looking for? I work with talented creatives who might be a better fit for your project. Check them out here:

Manu Wickramasekara |UI/UX & Web Designer

Nisal Attanayake |Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Mentation Media |Branding & Digital Marketing Agency

Grease Pencil |3D Animation, AR/VR & Game Dev Company



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Characters Galore

Samurai Capybara Su Vida
Price Tag black.png

$ 45

CG1: Monochrome

Detailed B&W drawing.

· 1 Figure

· 1 color if required

· Sketch + final art

· 2 Rounds of edits

$30 for less detail.

10% discount for a series.

Cartoon Kids Su Vida
Price Tag black.png

$ 45

CG2: Minimalist

Stylized character art.

· Up to 2 Figures

· Cartoony or anime-ish

· Full color & limited detail

· Sketch + final art

· 2 Rounds of edits

$30 for head shot.

10% discount for a series.

Head Shot Character Art Su Vida
Price Tag black.png

$ 60

CG3: Intricate

Detailed character art.

· 1 Head shot

· Cartoony or anime-ish

· Full color

· Background element if required

· Sketch + color + final art

· 3 Rounds of edits

$120 for full figure.

10% discount for a series.

Hire thumbnails New4 v2 Jan2023.png
Price Tag black.png

$ 420

CG4: Faceted

Character for animation

· 1 Character design

· Cartoony or anime-ish

· Full color

· 2D turnaround (5 angles)

· 4 poses + 4 expressions

· Sketch + color + final art

· 5 Rounds of edits

10% discount for a series.


If you have specific requirements that don't quite fall into what's above, let me know more and I'll get back to you with a quotation.

Frequently-Asked Questions

1. What formats and files do you deliver?

For artwork, I can provide high-resolution JPG, PNG and PDF formats. I can also provide AI and EPS files for vector artwork. Animated work can be provided in MP4, GIF or JPG/PNG sequences.


If you need work files in AE or PSD format, let me know beforehand. This is original art created for the project you specify, but if full copyright or non-disclosure is required, there might be an additional charge.


I might be showcasing work I have done on my portfolio and list the clients, unless a non-disclosure is agreed on before the commencement of the project.

2. How can I make payments and what are the milestone payments?


Larger projects require milestone payments—mostly at 50% completion. High-quality files are released after the final payment. Depending on the scope, I might request an advance. You can transfer payments to my Wise borderless account, which accepts USD, Euro and GBP.

Wise logo white_edited_edited.png

If you have a Wise account, then transfer is simple—it's fast, less costly than Paypal, and they have the best exchange rates. Even if you don't have one, you can still transfer to Wise. I can use my account to send you US, EU or UK bank details to facilitate fund transfers. I'll email you the invoice and a payment link.

​3. Do you accept all projects?


No, I will only accept what fits my skillset and availability. I also do not produce art or animation I'm not comfortable working on. These include extreme gore, animal abuse and pornified content.


I don't accept character art projects that may objectify females (e.g. "fan service" in anime and games) or those meant for stories that contain smut. I'm vegan, so I can't take on advertising work related to meat, dairy and other animal products.

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